Our Services


We offer a wide range of wood mouldings from major suppliers D & J Simons, Lion and Wessex.  If we do not stock any specific mouldings required then samples can be obtained and if suitable the moulding can then be placed on the next available order.  All frames are cut to individual size and specification and are finished with Artbak conservation backing boards, taped and fitted with appropriate hangings.


We offer a selection of Slater Harrison acid free mountboard in a large choice of colours.  All mounts are cut to size and we offer different mounting techniques including single mounts, double mounts, shadow mounts with artwork recessed into a mount ‘window’ and float mounts with artwork raised off the background mount to create a floating effect.  If artwork is to be framed then this is backed with acid-free barrier paper between the mount and backing board.  If artwork is only being mounted for display purposes then a full backing mount is used to provide protection to the artwork.

We also offer the cold-mounting of prints, posters, photographs, etc., where the artwork needs to be permanently flattened down onto adhesive board to prevent rippling and cockling under certain conditions.  This can also be used to flatten out small creases and areas of damage to prints, photographs or posters that have been rolled or folded.


We offer an excellent choice of glazing options including standard clear glass, non-reflective glass and speciality UV filter anti-glare glass for conservation work.  We also stock high quality acrylic glazing which is useful for frames which need to be transported or for use in areas where glass in frames would be potentially dangerous, in schools or playrooms, or in very large frames where weight might be an issue.  Standard glazing is 2mm picture framing glass but thicker glass can be ordered in for very large frames which require extra stability.  


We can order a selection of plain or beveled mirrors in various sizes which can then be framed to suit.

Oil Stretching

We offer a wide range of stretcher bars, ordered to size, to stretch oil paintings, silks and certain textiles.

Box Framing

We offer a selection of deep rebate box frames for the framing of football shirts, sporting items, medals and other memorabilia.  Football/rugby shirts are tagged onto foamcore board and then either box framed with or without a mount with the shirt away from the glass.  Medals and other memorabilia are fixed and presented in various ways and advice is given on layout and display.

Cross-stitches and Embroideries

These are hand-stretched onto acid-free mountboard and fixed to the back with strong tapestry tape.  They can then be mounted to keep any raised stitching, beads, etc., away from the glass and framed to suit.